Tort Nuntă de Ciocolată cu Inițiale

85 lei

The price shown is for 1 kilogram. Get inspired by our portfolio or come up with the model you want. To order,  choose the composition , then click  Order Now  and fill out the order placement form! Many other countertop and composition options are valid, leave us a message with the desired composition in the mentions, or contact us by phone! WE ENSURE DELIVERY IN BUCHAREST FOR A COST FOR ORDERS EXCEEDING 200 LEI ANY ORDER CAN BE COLLECTED FROM OUR LABORATORY IN CALEA RAHOVEI 374

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Alta compozitie, Tort Amandina Vreau, Tort Caramel cu Alune, Tort de Casa, Tort Diplomat, Tort Doris, Tort Dulcineea, Tort Fantezie, Tort Krantz, Tort Mousse de Ciocolata, Tort Nomad, Tort Straciatela, Tort Trilogia